Une plainte déposée contre le gouverneur de Tokyo

Depuis hier (le 13 juillet), on parle beaucoup dans la presse et à la télévision de la plainte déposée par des professeurs de français contre le gouverneur de Tokyo, Shintarô Ishihara, pour ses propos insultants sur la langue française. (Voir aussi nos articles précédents sur le sujet)

Nous reproduisons l’article du Mainichi Online ci-dessous.

Tokyo governor sued for saying French ‘fails as international language’Twenty-one people including the head of a French Language school in Tokyo have filed a damages lawsuit against Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara over his comment that « French fails as an international language. »

The group of plaintiffs, which also includes French language researchers, is demanding that Ishihara publish newspaper advertisements apologizing for the remark and pay compensation of 10 million yen.

Ishihara made the controversial remark while speaking at a meeting in support of the establishment of the Tokyo Metropolitan University in October last year.

« I have a feeling it is aptly said that French fails as an international language because it is a language that can’t count numbers, » he said.

The governor apparently made the comment on the basis that French counts « 80 » as « four twenties. » The lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, objects to his remark.

« French can count numbers and it is used as an official language in international organizations and many countries, » the lawsuit says. « (The governor’s) false comments stain the reputation of people who are researching French and speaking it as their native language, and they obstruct the business of language schools by diminishing the desire of learners of the language.

A secretarial representative for Ishihara declined to comment, saying the legal complaint had not yet arrived.


石原都知事:「フランス語は国際語失格」発言で提訴される 石原慎太郎・東京都知事が「フランス語は数を勘定できず国際語として失格」などと発言したのは名誉棄損に当たるとして、都内のフランス語学校校長、マリック・ベルカンヌさん(46)や日本人のフランス語研究者ら21人が13日、石原知事を相手に、新聞への謝罪広告掲載と計1000万円余の慰謝料を求めて東京地裁に提訴した。石原知事は昨年10月、首都大学東京(今年4月開学)の支援組織設立総会で「フランス語は数を勘定できない言葉だから国際語として失格しているのも、むべなるかなという気がする」と発言。フランス語は「70」を「60+10」、「80」を「4×20」などと数えるため、知事の発言はこうした数え方を念頭に置いたものとみられる。



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